Apple Vinegar

Properties of apple vinegar
At the age of ninety, the English author Cyril Scott wrote a book, titled as follows, to describe the extraordinary properties of apple cider vinegar: “Cider vinegar”. According to Scott, vinegar “promotes health” because it affects metabolism and the prevention processes in our body. If these processes do not work the way they should, we get fat, loose hair, teeth decay, eyes get badly affected, the joints creak, etc. If these problems are not severe, and it’s up to the doctor to ascertain it, apple cider vinegar can be very beneficial. Cyril Scott and other writers described how.
Why do people get fat? A wrong diet and uncontrolled and excessive consumption: fat, starch, alcohol and also salt, if not properly removed, may cause the formation of adipose pads. 70% of our body is made of water; hence the importance of controlling it. The liquid in our body must be kept constant. This is exactly what Apple Vinegar does. Drink two tea spoons dissolved in a glass of water in the morning, after getting up, to loose three kilos a month. In most difficult cases, the “treatment” can be repeated also during the main meals, sipping water throughout the meal. Once you have reached your target weight, keep drinking a glass of water with Apple Vinegar a day; according to Scoot, it is beneficial not only for the weight, but also for your health. Apple Vinegar is rich in potassium and trace elements; it keeps the body fluid stable and helps us reach the “ideal weight”, i.e. approx. 10% less than the “normal weight”.
E.g. if a 173 cm tall person weighs 73 kilos, the ideal weight is 66 kilos. As far as cholesterol is concerned, Apple Vinegar is a powerful tool against severe and very severe cardiovascular problems. Pectin, i.e. the fibre it contains, slowly travels through the digestive tract, combines with cholesterol and takes it out of the body.
Damage and troubles caused to the eyes by strong light
Does strong light make your eyes feel tired? Apple Vinegar contains substances that are important for the health of your eyes. Apple Vinegar can be beneficial even in case of hearing loss. When otorrhea (flowing from the ear) is caused by a deficiency in mineral salts, drink a tea spoon of Apple Vinegar dissolved in a glass of water in the morning and in the afternoon.
Laryngitis, hoarseness, asthma
Laryngitis, hoarseness or (non-severe) asthma? Inhale Apple Vinegar to solve the problem: Fill a container with up to 5 cm of vinegar, warm it up and start inhaling when vinegar evaporates. It unclogs stuffed nostrils, relives the mucosa inflammation and removes the bacteria. In case of persistent hoarseness, dissolve one tea spoon of Apple Vinegar in a glass of water and gargle frequently.
In case of persistent cough, e.g. if you have a cold, a soar throat and cannot sleep at night, keep a glass of water with two tea spoons of Apple Vinegar dissolved in it, on your night table. Nocturnal cough can be relieved also spraying some Apple Vinegar on the pillowcase. In case of acute laryngitis, drink a tea spoon of Apple Vinegar in half a glass of water every 30 minutes for seven hours. Do the same in case of light asthma: a tea spoon of Apple Vinegar dissolved in half a glass of water; sip it for half an hour and repeat the procedure after half an hour.
Mind and memory
Apple Vinegar is a powerful ally for your mind and memory. It gives you physical and psychic strength and can also recover it. Apples cider vinegar provides a balanced dose of amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts; this is how it favours the vital processes in our body and prevents them from decaying. Dissolve a tea spoon of Apple Vinegar in a glass of water and sip it during the meal or between meals.
Difficult digestion
Difficult digestion, a sense of heaviness, light nausea or a sudden allergic reaction to a food product can be solved by resorting to Apple Vinegar. Dissolve a tea spoon of Apple Vinegar in a glass of water and sip it slowly because an irritated stomach will not react well to a sudden big dose of vinegar. Being an antiseptic of the digestive tract and intestine, the Apple Vinegar is a reasonable and smart method to solve these problems. For dysentery, which may be considered as an attempt of the body to get rid of noxious substances, and the subsequent weakness, the treatment with Apple Vinegar is recommended (a tea spoon dissolved in a glass of water, during the meal or between meals and before going to bed). Apple Vinegar is also a hepatic remedy and acts as a detoxant for the liver. It has no noxious side effects, solves heartburn problems and stimulates the intestinal peristalsis. Many doctors also recommend it to prevent food poisoning, especially when visiting foreign countries or restaurants the quality of which is not reliable. The recommended dose is a table spoon of vinegar in a glass of water, or any other drink, 30 minutes before the meal.
If urine is too acid or basic and urination is more frequent, you may resort to Apple Vinegar during the meals (two tea spoons in a glass of water).
Hair loss
If you loose hair in unusual periods of the year, there must be a mineral salt deficiency. Silicic acid, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride (small doses). Apple Vinegar (a tea spoon in a glass of water) can supplement mineral salts and stop hair loss; if fact the hair will grow again more rapidly and thicker.
The principle described for nails also applies to hair. If they break easily, are thin, weak and lack strength, there must be a metabolic dysfunction. The Apple Vinegar affects the mineral balance of the body and makes nails grow stronger.
Apple Vinegar is also good for the teeth, because it increases the calcium level in the body. It also prevents tooth tartar and fall. As usual, dissolve a tea spoon of Apple Vinegar in a glass of water and gargle in the morning and in the evening. The teeth will be perfectly cleaned and also shining.
Do your joints creak?
Are your joints starting to creak? Sooner or later it may happen. Don’t loose heart and…. use Apple Vinegar (a tea spoon in a glass of water during the main meals). After a month of “treatment”, you will notice the first result. Two months in case of shoulder blade calcification.
Why do the joints creak? Because the body needs some sodium chloride. How is this possible, considering all the salt we use? Isolated salt is different from the salt contained in the mineral salts. Salt deficiency may occur even if large quantities are consumed. If dizziness is not caused by severe disorders, to be ascertained by a doctor, Apple Vinegar (as usual a tea spoon in a glass of water during the main meals) can be beneficial after four weeks.