Giovanni Ponti

The founder, Giovanni Ponti, established Ponti in Sizzano (Novara). Farmer and a wine and vinegar producer, he was known as “GIUANIN D‟LA ASEI” (which in local dialect means “Giovanni of the vinegar”). His son Antonio joined him soon and expanded the business.


Diploma d’onore per vini e aceti

Antonio had awarded the Diploma of Honour for “wine and vinegar” at the International Exhibition in Paris; he started the industrial activity and joined many national and international exhibitions.


Produzione delle conserve vegetali all'aceto e all'olio d'oliva

Antonio and his son Guido started the production of pickles and preserved vegetables in oil in the factory in Milan. In 1941, during the war, the factory moved to Fara Novarese and then to Sizzano in 1951.


1948 Ponti

Guido had awarded a diploma from the Alba Royal school of Wine Growing and Oenology and became the top-expert of the industry. The current factory in Ghemme was inaugurated and then enlarged and modernised many times during the years.


Cesare e Franco Ponti

Cesare and Franco, current Managing Directors and CEOs, started working with their father Guido. With the arrival of the 4th generation, the business was further expanded and the main competitors were taken over. At the same time PONTI also decided to diversify the business and started to produce pickles and preserved vegetables in olive oil in 1939.


Cartina Acetificio di Dosson

Pursuing a decentralization production policy, PONTI inaugurated its second vinegar production site in the Veneto region, near Dosson di Casier (Treviso), becoming the leading Italian company in this sector.


Cartina Acetificio Venturi

Ponti took over Acetificio Venturi in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna), the second Italian producer of vinegar. The market leadership was further strengthened.


Linea prodotti PEPERLIZIA

The new current Factory, for the production of preserved vegetables, was inaugurated in Ghemme to meet the increasing demand of the new PEPERLIZIA products.


Cartina Acetificio di Anagni

Cesare and Franco Ponti inaugurated the third and most modern vinegar factory in Anagni (near Rome), moving the production department of Lugo di Romagna.


Il carcioghiotto

Carcioghiotto was launched: fresh, whole artichokes with some rosemary, garlic and hot pepper in sunflower and extra-virgin olive oil.
In a few years it has become the top selling artichoke brand in Italy.



The expansion and diversification were still under way, when 80% of MODENACETI Srl was acquired; the company is specialised in the production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and is based in Vignola (Modena).


Aceto di Mele e Condimento per l'insalata di riso

Two very successful products were launched: the Apple Vinegar and the rice salad toppings.


Incremento delle vendite dei prodotti Ponti

PONTI continued its growth and became the leading European wine vinegar producer, witness the 10% increase in sales.
Tradition, natural ingredients, technology and attention for the consumer’s needs have been a prerequisite for the success of this Group.
Vignola plant has been completely renewed. Now covers an area of 14.500 m2. Besides Modenaceti is the largest maturation and ageing cellar in Modena area.


Giacomo Ponti

An important five-year investment plan was developed and approved; it included the upgrade of the company IT structure and industrial plants and the construction of a modern finished product distribution warehouse in Ghemme. Giacomo, the representative of the Ponti family’s fifth generation, officially joined the company.


Linee di confezionamento delle conserve di verdura

Three renewed packaging lines for the preserved vegetables were started in the Ghemme factory.
Production increased by 30% to meet the new market and production needs. The plants are the best that the Italian industry can offer in terms of technology, automation and innovation: anthropomorphic robot for pallet forming and dismantling, X rays to check the jar contents, unmanned shuttle-train to handle the finished products pallets are just a few examples.


Magazzino automatizzato acetificio di Ghemme

The new automated warehouses was opened in Ghemme: 10,000 square metres, 13,500 pallet slots, 10,000 of which in the automated area controlled by three rack feeders, and the remaining part on traditional shelves. A software package controls on-line the three distribution centres of the company.


Acetificio di Ghemme

The packaging systems of the two production lines in the vinegar factory in Ghemme were renewed.
Moreover a building accommodating the wine vinegar clarifying and filtering equipment was also built.


Linea di Confezionamento

In ‘Dosson di Casier’ production plant, a new area for vinegar ageing was created and the packaging line was modernised. The production lines and the departments of the Anagni vinegar factory were also modernised.
The daily bottling capacity of the Ponti Group vinegar factories in an eight-hour shift is 450,000 bottles.


Certificazioni Ponti

Il Sistema Qualità della Ponti, i cui cardini sono sicurezza alimentare, tracciabilità e rintracciabilità del lotto di produzione, viene esteso a tutti gli stabilimenti del Gruppo. Tutti gli impianti produttivi ottengono le principali certificazioni internazionali come BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard, IFS (International Food Standard), Organic NOP (BIOAGRICERT), AIB International, Gost R Certification e UKR-SEPRO, tutte con ottimi punteggi di valutazione.



A new packaging design is launched with the clear objective to enhance our products image. The range have now a clear family feeling and a personal identity that support Ponti superior quality.


glasssa-2007 Ponti

The Gastronomic Glaze is launched. In the same year Ponti became a member of the “Italia del Gusto” consortium, which includes the most important Italian companies in the food sector.



Ponti acquires Achillea, organic products producer established in 1980 and located at the foot of the Alps near Torino.
The peculiarities of the Achillea products are: 100% organic, free of added additives, preserves or antioxidants, all ingredients are ICEA (Ethic and environmental certification institute) certified and come from organic farming or from fruits picked in the wild but still certified, top quality.
Main products portfolio: apple vinegars, fruit juices, jams, fruits puree, etc.


Identificazione Geografica Protetta

June 10th the Permanent Commission of PGI (Protection of Geographical Indication) at the European Union in Bruxelles has given to the Aceto Balsamico di Modena the IGP i.e. Indicazione Geografica Protetta (PGI in English).
The recognition marks the end of a 15-year effort to protect the original Balsamic Vinegar from the numerous copies made all around the world and guarantee compliance with the traditional production processes.


aceto-vino-bianco 2012 Ponti

Ponti launch the Wine Vinegar in PET bottle.


Ponti FRANCE was established in Paris.
In the same year Ponti launched Glazes in PET bottles


Ponti USA was established in NY State.
In the same year Ponti partecipated in Expo Milano 2015.


Launch of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Ponti HD.
The most dense news of the year.