since 1787

The taste
of nature


We've taken the time to go back to the beginning

On our logo there’s a new date: 1787.
This is the year in which the Ponti family discovered vinegar.
Original documents of that time reported the lifestyles and work of our ancestors on the Novara Hills.

It’s the beginning of a story that lasts since 9 generations.

High Density
Prepare for a high-density taste

Our organic philosophy
Even more sustainable,
even more in love with nature

We have been doing this job for 230 years
and we have no secrets

We are all over the world, but we have never left our home.
Our origins are firmly rooted in our region and our experience has been passed down through the family.

Raw ingredients for pickles and antipasti
Balsamic Vinegar

Wine, air and wood

Everything starts from the fruits of nature. Then follow the tools, the work of men and the passing of time; the actions to be carried out and the waiting period to be respected in a journey that combines culture and tradition.

Time and selected grape musts,
wines and ciders, personality,
passion and unique tastes go into our vinegars

The same taste and authenticity
as home-made.
With the Ponti touch


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