Apple Cider Vinegar

A delicate, 100% italian vinegar

The ripe apples become cider, and cider later becomes vinegar. Care is needed, as all the properties of the fruit must be concentrated into a delicate condiment with an harmonious flavour and a rounded aroma, which day after day proves to be a precious ally for our well-being. In our Apple Cider Vinegar there’s only nature and care: fresh 100% Italian apples and total control over production.

Discover all the benefits of apple cider vinegar:
For health
For beauty

A temptation for well-being

The reason why Eve succumbed to temptation is very clear. The beneficial properties of the apple are impossible to resist. Rich in antioxidants, fibre and vitamins, it is an ally for health: as they say, an apple a day… But Eve didn’t know this, and neither did she know that when apples become vinegar, their benefits multiply! Apple Cider Vinegar, in fact, is not only the perfect ingredient for deliciously light dishes, but also a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, an aid in low-calorie diets and even a beauty secret.

All the uses and benefits for health and beauty

Health benefits

Beneficial properties of apple cider vinegar

Your apple cider vinegar beauty routine

A quick and easy recipe with two ingredients rich in beneficial properties: Apple Cider Vinegar and green tea.
For an energy boost, make a cup of green tea, add 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and sweeten it with 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey.

Remedies for sore throat

Sore throat

Laryngitis? Apple Cider Vinegar inhalations can take care of it. Fill a container to a depth of about 5 cm and heat it until steaming. When you inhale, the steam dissolves the obstruction in the nostrils, soothes the inflammation of the mucus membrane and eliminates bacteria. For acute laryngitis, a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in half a glass of water can be taken every half-hour for seven hours. For persistent hoarseness, dissolve 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and gargle at frequent intervals.

Eyes and ears

Eyes and ears

Tired, irritable eyes, bothered by the light? Apple Cider Vinegar contains substances that are important for the proper functioning of the eyes. Also when your hearing is diminished, Apple Cider Vinegar can come to the rescue. And for otorrhoea (discharge from the ears), often caused by lack of minerals, a simple teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in a glass of water, taken mid-morning and mid-afternoon, is very effective.

Remedy for cough


For the sneaky and persistent cough that follows a cold, tickles the throat and disturbs sleep, there's nothing better than a glass of water on the bedside table containing 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. A dry nighttime cough can also be alleviated by spraying Apple Cider Vinegar on the pillowcase. For light asthma: one teaspoon of Apple Vinegar diluted in a glass of water to be sipped for half an hour, repeating the treatment after a half-hour break.

Remedies for toothache


The secret is to boil a clove of garlic in a glass of vinegar. The result is a warm infusion to use to rinse and hold in your mouth, particularly on the sore spot.

Creaky joints

"Creaky" joints and dizziness

At a certain age, the joints begin to "creak". The important thing is not to lose heart and take advantage of the beneficial effects of Apple Cider Vinegar. Just 1 teaspoon in a glass of water at main meals and, after a month, you'll already see an improvement. For calcification of the shoulder, extend the treatment for two months.

Do you know why your joints are creaking? That’s because small amounts of sodium chloride are lacking in the body. But how with all the salt we consume? Because isolated salt is not bound to other minerals. For dizziness or lightheadedness not caused by a serious medical condition, Apple Cider Vinegar (the usual teaspoon in a glass of water at main meals) leads to a noticeable improvement after just four weeks.

Beauty benefits

Facial skin


Thanks to malic acid that triggers cellular renewal in the skin, Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent ally to fight spots and youthful acne; even Cleopatra used it as a tonic! Dilute 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 2 tablespoons of water and rub it on the skin using a cotton pad. Remember to carry out a test on a small area of your face first to check that your skin isn't too sensitive. Leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse and apply a moisturising cream.



If you lose hair outside a certain period of the year when hair loss is considered normal, it may be due to a lack of minerals: silicic acid, calcium phosphate and sodium chloride (in small doses). Apple Cider Vinegar (1 teaspoon per glass of water) has properties that replace the missing minerals. prevent hair loss and encourage faster and thicker growth.

For greasy hair, use lukewarm water and vinegar to rinse. This will make your hair soft, fluffy and shiny, and protect it from lice.

Fortified nails


If your nails break easily, if they're thin and weak or they lose strength and consistency, it may indicate a metabolic dysfunction.
Apple Cider Vinegar can help strengthen the nails.

Teeth cleaning


Apple cider vinegar is good for the teeth because it increases the calcium content in our body, moreover it prevents tartar formation and tooth decay. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and rinse morning and evening: you'll get a perfect cleaning of your teeth and a special shine without damage.

Slimming with apple cider vinegar

To get back in shape

Apple Cider Vinegar makes you lose weight? Yes and no. It certainly has a positive effect on decreasing blood sugar and, being acidic, it can modify the pH of food, increasing the speed of absorption. But (and there's always a but) it doesn't do miracles. It's an excellent ally in a balanced diet because it’s very low on calories, but needs consistency and physical activity to show results.

The production of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

How apple cider vinegar is made
100% Italian apples

100% Italian apples

It all begins with the apples. We choose only the best varieties of Italian apples, such as Fuji, Granny Smith and Golden Gala.

Fresh whole apples

Fresh whole apples

The apples arrive fresh and whole at our Paesana factory at the foot of Monviso.

From juice to cider

From juice to cider

We press the apples to obtain the juice which undergoes alcoholic fermentation and turns into apple cider.

Fermentation of apple cider vinegar


We transform the cider into raw apple cider vinegar inside steel or wooden fermenters at a controlled temperature.

Vinegar filtration


The natural turbidity of the raw vinegar is isolated and separated mechanically to obtain a clear vinegar in an ecological and sustainable way.



The vinegar is carefully bottled and labelled in our 4 vinegar factories in Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Lazio, and becomes Ponti Apple Cider Vinegar.