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Put a garlic clove in a glass full of vinegar and boil it. Let the preparation cool down a bit and rinse the mouth especially the aching area.

Abrasions and small wounds
Clean and disinfect abrasions and small wounds with vinegar, taking advantage of its deterging and antibacterial properties. Gargle or rinse your mouth with water and vinegar if you have a small sore in the mouth.

Wash your hair with warm water and vinegar to remove grease. Vinegar will also make your hair look softer, brighter and will prevent head lice.

Add 1/2 l. vinegar to the water in the bath tub to relieve tiredness. If you prefer the shower, rub your body with vinegar before taking a shower. A glass of water with a table spoon of vinegar and a tea spoon of honey in the morning acts as a stimulant and quenches your thirst in summer.

Vinegar and health
Vinegar and health. Vinegar has endless properties and just drinking a table spoon of vinegar in the morning, before breakfast, can be very beneficial. Vinegar contains some phenols derivatives: hence its anti-carcinogenic effect and role in “stabilising” vitamins E and C. Moreover, vinegar quenches the thirst, reduces fever, prevents infections and relieves inflammation. Soak a lump of sugar in vinegar, chew it slowly to stop hiccups and relieve whooping cough. Vinegar also disinfects small sores and surface burns. Clears a stuffy nose and relieves the headache when there is stale air in the room. It is also recommended for insect bites and jellyfish stings.