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Flowers look nicer
To make your flowers look nicer and last longer, clean the pot outer surface, wash them with warm water and vinegar and rinse them. The terracotta pores will be kept free and the plant roots will breath better. If you want your cut flowers last longer, dissolve two table spoons of vinegar and two table spoons of sugar in the vase water.

Stale air
To get rid of stale air, for example in the rooms where somebody has been smoking, place one or two containers full of vinegar. Vinegar also removes the smell of fresh paint.

Add some table spoons of vinegar to the detergent when you do the laundry. Grease will be removed from very dirty garments and the fabrics will get softer. To prevent coloured fabrics from fading, add some table spoons of vinegar during the final rinsing.
Let the mud stains on your raincoat get dry, scrape the dry mud away and rub with water and vinegar. If necessary repeat the procedure by rubbing with more vinegar. When the stain has disappeared, “pad” with water and let it dry.
Stains can be removed from the fabrics using white wine vinegar. Let your shirt soaked in water and vinegar before washing it if the deodorant has stained it. Lime stains can be removed from work apparel by rubbing them with vinegar.
Wool may shrink; wash it with water and vinegar. Woollen blankets get much softer if soaked in water and vinegar after washing them.

Wash the floor with water and vinegar and rinse with pure water to remove any lime or powder in rooms that have just been painted.

Wooden furniture
Polish non-painted wooden furniture with a mix of oil and vinegar (same quantity); follow the wooden grains and dry with a soft cloth. To remove wax from the wood, place a layer of absorbing paper on it and warm it up with an iron. When the wax has been completely removed, clean the area with a cloth dampened with vinegar.
To polish lacquered wood, rub it with a cloth dampened with warm water and vinegar, follow the wood grains and dry with a warm cloth.

Cooper and brass
Rub copper and brass with coarse salt dampened with warm vinegar, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

Window and balcony glass, crystal pendant lamps, etc..
The window and balcony glass panes, crystal pendant lamps and crystal-ware can be washed with water and warm vinegar (same quantity). The film created by the vinegar is unpleasant for insects etc; as a result they will stay clean longer.

Steam iron
Steam irons are usually full of scale. To remove the scale, fill the iron up with water and vinegar (same quantity), warm it up and let some steam come out, unplug the iron and leave it vertical until it cools down. Empty the iron and rinse it with water. Rub the iron plate with warm vinegar and fine salt.

Washing machine
Scale tends to build up in the pipes of the washing machine. To dissolve it, pour 4 litres of vinegar mixed with water and carry out a washing cycle at 90°C, with no laundry. Water and vinegar are also recommended to wash the inner and outer surfaces of the washing machine; rinse with a sponge dampened with water.

Sink stains
To remove the stains from the sinks, taps, etc., rub them with a sponge soaked in warm vinegar; rinse and dry well. If scale has plugged the tap and shower grids, loosen them and place them in the vinegar until scale starts dissolving.
Clean the shower cabin with a rough sponge soaked in white wine vinegar; rinse and dry. To remove mould stains from the shower curtain, wash it with water and vinegar and hang it without rinsing.