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Kitchen cleaning

Glassware and crystalware
Vinegar is ideal to clean glassware and crystal-ware. Wash and rinse glasses and bottles with water and vinegar (2-3 table spoons per litre of water) to make them clean and bright, with no need for drying them; just turn them upside down and let them dry.

Pans and kitchenware
Vinegar is an excellent remedy if something got burned in a pan; cover the area with vinegar and let it stand. If you are in a hurry, boil vinegar, alone or with some water, until the char comes off.
Kitchenware add some table spoons of vinegar to the water and you will need less washing-up liquid to degrease them. Any bad small will also be removed.

To remove scale
To remove scale from boilers and any other pans used to boil water, fill them with 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water and a handful of salt. Boil for a few minutes, turn the stove off, let it stand for 12 hours and rinse before use. Increase the water quantity and reduce the vinegar quantity to remove scale stains from aluminium teapots and pans. To remove scale stains from stainless steel, dampen a sponge with warm vinegar.
Thermos flasks have a stale smell if they are kept closed for a long time. Wash them with hot water and vinegar and rinse with cold water.

Coffee maker and cups
To remove the scale from the coffee maker, rub it with vinegar and fine salt; rinse well and let it dry.
Rub cups stained by tea or coffee with salt dampened with vinegar; rinse them.

Scale remover
Rub the stainless steel sinks with a sponge soaked in vinegar to remove any scale or water stains. If plugged, pour some hot vinegar in the drain and wait at least one hour before opening the water tap.

From time to time, and especially if the dishwasher has not been used for a long period of time, dry run it with one litre of vinegar.

Clean and empty the fridge if you smell a bad odour; place a bowl containing warm vinegar in the fridge. Let it cool and repeat the procedure. Scented detergents should not be used to clean the fridge; use a sponge soaked in water and vinegar, rinse and dry.

The oven needs to be degreased. After use, clean the oven walls with a sponge dampened with vinegar; repeat the procedure if the result is not satisfactory.

Bad smell
When you deep fry or boil cauliflowers, the bad smell can be removed by boiling water and vinegar in a separate pan. From time to time you may also pour a few drops of vinegar on the stove plates. Bad smell is also removed by adding a few table spoons of vinegar to the boiling water or, when boiling cauliflowers, a piece of bread soaked in vinegar.

How to remove fish smell from your hands
To remove the bad smell of fish or onion from your hands, etc., pour some vinegar on them and rinse with water and vinegar.