Wine vinegar

Welcome to the home of vinegar

We have to admit it: Ponti didn’t invent wine vinegar. Even though for millions of people around the world we’re one and the same with this condiment whose history is as old as humankind. Wine vinegar is one of those products, like bread, that’s always near us on the table; a good friend we can’t do without.
Especially when it’s Ponti Vinegar.

Vinegar is an art

For our Classic Wine Vinegar we expertly select the best wines to make a superior vinegar whose quality is constant and always recognisable, with the same aromas and the same characteristics. Our ability to select, our capacity to choose the most appropriate wines, is evidence of our enormous experience and sensibility. Aroma Antico, for example, is made using exclusively Italian wines and aged according to the original Ponti recipe dating back to 1969, while for our Single Variety Vinegars we use only Chianti DOCG and Pinot Bianco dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC.

Totally traceable quality

Our products are completely traceable and certified by the SGS Institute. This means that every bottle of Ponti vinegar can be traced to the name of the individual wine producer. For our Special Wine Vinegars, the exclusively Italian origin of the wines and the entire aging process are certified by SGS.

Wine vinegar


The identification, registration and classification of every incoming batch of wine is the start of a long series of analysis and controls carried out by the Ponti Quality System.


The wine is transformed into vinegar inside steel and wood fermenters using only air at controlled temperature.


The natural turbidity of the raw vinegar is isolated and separated mechanically to obtain a clear vinegar in an ecological and sustainable way.


We fill, cap and label bottles with care. Our 4 vinegar factories in Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lazio produce up to half a million bottles a day for Italy and the rest of the world.