A nine-generation vinegar

since 1787


From the vineyard
to the world

Ours is the story of a family and its bond with a region, a dynasty of entrepreneurs whose name has become synonymous with vinegar.


Ponti The Italians' vinegar

When your name is on tables all over the world, it means you’ve managed to convey your passion for taste and your commitment to quality to a huge number of people. But it’s precisely because you’re the most loved that you must continue to grow, invest and innovate.

Social responsibility


We value people and the land. We’ve always respected and protected them, long before anyone talked about sustainability. Because reconciling production and environmental protection, and the growth and development of those who work with us, have always been key to the spirit of our company.

Quality according to Ponti

The good thing about not
having secrets:
we're on first name terms with our suppliers

In the vineyards and the vegetable gardens, among the apple trees, with suppliers who have always been friends. In the vinegar cellars, in the factories and the research labs.
We take care of every detail, we’re always present in person to guarantee transparent quality, without secrets. Quality according to Ponti.

open horizon

The vinegar factory founded by Giovanni Battista del Ponte 230 years ago has become a large company known all over the world. Today Giacomo and Lara Ponti manage it with the same passion as their predecessors. Passion that drives them to improve, experiment, discover new horizons. In short, to be Ponti.

We are

We’ve transformed a small business into an innovative and international company and, although our heart remains in our original headquarters in Ghemme in the province of Novara, we have factories throughout Italy, offices in Paris and New York and we export to over 70 countries.

Our production plants

Ghemme (Novara)
Paesana (Cuneo)

Dosson di Casier (Treviso)

Vignola (Modena)

Anagni (Frosinone)

We are Ponti

For nine generations the Ponti family has given its name to the Italians’ vinegar, and today Giacomo and Lara are the faces of the company.
Ponti is a family business that grows alongside its workers.
Ponti is an industrial firm that seeks to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Giacomo Ponti

“Every day I work with the management team I’ve built over the years and with our colleagues, all of whose first names and backgrounds I know. Some were my schoolmates, others are the fourth generation of Ponti employees in their families. With them and thanks to them we are able to achieve our goals”.

Lara Ponti

“The keys to Ponti’s success? Research and care for the quality of products and therefore of raw materials, technological and product innovation, seriousness and transparency in relationships with employees, suppliers and customers”.

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