Our story
has another flavour

From small business to major company. From local to international.
Our first 230 years are filled with events and achievements that have allowed us to become the Italians’ favourite vinegar.
The best part of our history? The part that’s yet to come.

The origins of the Ponti
family and the vinegar factory

Meanwhile, around the world

1620 | The Mayflower, the ship of the Pilgrim Fathers, lands on the coast of America.


In Sizzano in the province of Novara, Giovanni del Ponte, son of the late Bartolomeo, is documented for the first time.


Vittore del Ponte is the owner of the tavern in Sizzano.


The son of Francesco del Ponte, a town councilor of Sizzano, is a Guastatore (assault engineer) during the War of the Spanish Succession.

Meanwhile, around the world

1789 | The French Revolution breaks out in Paris.


Pietro del Ponte makes a will in favour of his grandchildren and asks them to live “with the Holy fear of God and also with the honour of the world”.


Giovanni Battista del Ponte starts selling vinegar.


The Ponti vinegar factory in Sizzano is documented.

From Giuanin d'la Asei
to the industrial revolution

Meanwhile, around the world

1861 | Proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy.


Birth of Giovanni Ponti, a farmer and producer of wine and vinegar, nicknamed Giuanin d’la Asei (Vinegar Johnny).


Giovanni takes over the family business following his father’s death.


Antonio Ponti, Giovanni’s son, builds a new factory for the industrial production of vinegar in Sizzano.

From international
recognition to Italian tables

Meanwhile, around the world

1911 | Roald Amundsen is the first man to reach the South Pole.


Antonio Ponti is awarded the Diploma of Honour for “wines and vinegars” at the Paris International Fair.


Antonio hands over the vinegar factory in Sizzano to his son Guido.


Antonio and Guido begin the production of vegetable preserves with vinegar and olive oil.

The years of innovation

Meanwhile, around the world

1969 | Man lands on the moon.


The Ghemme production plant in the province of Novara is opened.


Guido’s sons Cesare and Franco join the company. A phase of expansion and diversification begins, with the opening of new plants in Veneto and Lazio.


The day after the moon landing, Aroma Antico is launched.


Successful new products are launched, as part of a strategy of constant innovation in taste.


The acquisition of Modenaceti is the start of a journey that will make Ponti a leader in the Aceto Balsamico di Modena P.G.I. sector.

Italian flavours around the world

Meanwhile, around the world

2008 | Barack Obama becomes the first African-American president of the United States.


Giacomo Ponti is the ninth generation of the family to join the company, guiding the group towards international expansion.


The Ponti Quality System – food safety, trackability and traceability – is extended to all the group’s plants.


Ponti perfects its expertise in the Organic sphere with the acquisition of Achillea, a company with consolidated experience in organically-grown products.


Balsamic Vinegar of Modena obtains P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) certification.

In harmony with nature

Meanwhile, around the world

2015 | Milan hosts the EXPO.


Lara Ponti works alongside her cousin Giacomo, guiding the company towards increasingly sustainable and responsible production.


The group goes global. Ponti USA in New York and Ponti France in Paris are founded.


New products and an innovative rebranding: Ponti opens the way to the future while maintaining its uniqueness.


Ponti’s positive impact on both the community and the environment gets further recognition.
In 2021, Ponti becomes the first Benefit Company in the Vinegars and Vegetables Industry and in 2023 it becomes a B Corp certified company, joining a global movement for a more responsible way of doing business.