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This document provides information about the use of cookies and similar technology on this website, their purpose and the way users can restrict or block cookies.

1. What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text created by a web server and sent to a web client when the latter accesses a website page. They are generally used to store user preferences, data and information to be recalled during one visit (session cookies) or future visits (persistent cookies) to that website.

Cookies make your website browsing easier, store the pages visited by the user as well as other specific information, such as your page browsing preferences, connection errors and so on.

Cookies are stored in the user’s device – whether computer, tablet or smartphone – by each browser according to user preferences.

Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.)  are often set up to accept cookies automatically. However, users can change the predefined configuration by choosing to disable or delete cookies, but  opting out might prevent the proper operation of a few website sections. Moreover, during browsing other cookies (the so-called “third-party cookies”) may be placed on the user’s computer by different websites, directly set up by the relevant Webmasters and used for the purposes and with the methods established by the latter.

2. Types of cookies

Based on their features and use, cookies may be divided into:

a)  Technical cookies: These cookies are necessary for website browsing and use of its functions (such as access to reserved areas and proper display). For this reason disabling them prevents the said activities.

Technical cookies are not used for further purposes and are divided into:

  • browsing or session cookies: they are required to browse and use the website properly;
  • functionality cookies: they allow user browsing based on a set of selected criteria, such as language.

b) Performance cookies: They collect anonymous information on website browsing by users, such as most frequently visited pages or any error messages displayed during browsing. These cookies do not collect any identification information on visitors.

c) Profiling cookies: They aim at creating user profiles and are used to send advertising messages matching user preferences, based on their selections while browsing.

These cookies are used to track user browsing and create a profile based on their taste, habits, selections and the like. These cookies allow getting information on user preferences and browsing habits on our websites (such as the most displayed products and/or services) and recognizing returning users visiting our websites and/or other websites within the network of our promotional partners. This information is used to send customized promotional communications.


3. Third-party cookies

When browsing this website other cookies (the so-called “third-party cookies”) may be placed on the user’s computer by different websites. This occurs because the website may contain certain items – such as pictures, maps, specific links to web pages or web services.

With a view to information transparency, below please find a list of third-party services you can find on our website, as well as their purposes and links to the information pages of the various services:

4. Managing cookie preferences

Users can decide whether to accept or reject cookies through their browser settings.
Below please find the links to the information pages for the major browsers:

• Chrome:
• Firefox:
• Internet Explorer:
• Safari:

Please be reminded that if you choose to reject cookies this may jeopardize or prevent the   proper performance of our website.

5. Other information

For further information on the use of cookies and how to reject cookies please visit the following Websites: