Pinenut Chicken Nuggets

Pinenut Chicken Nuggets - Ponti


Ponti Lemon Glaze
400 gr chicken breast sliced
250 gr bread crumbs
150 gr pine nuts
2 basil leaves
3 eggs
2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
vegetable oil for frying
salt and pepper to taste
Pinenut Chicken Nuggets - Ponti


Pinenut Chicken Nuggets - Ponti


Put the chicken in a bowl, cover with salted cold water and set aside for about 3 hours.
Drain the water, dry the steaks with paper towels and slice them into 3-4 cm square pieces.
In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs with salt, pepper and grated parmesan cheese.
Dip the chicken nuggets into the mixture.
In another bowl, mix the bread crumbs with ground pine nuts and basil.
Heat the oil in a large frying pan.
Remove chicken nuggets from the egg mixture piece by piece and coat each with the breadcrumbs.
Brown each side.
Repeat with remaining chicken nuggets.
Transfer the chicken nuggets to a plate lined with paper towels to absorb any extra oil.
Dress with Ponti Lemon Glaze and serve.